Avatar Awards

9 Awards
Agency Hoodie
Complete 'Jack of all Trades'
Freak Slippers
Complete 'First Hurdle'
Level 1 Agent Suit
Complete 'Light Bringer'
Orb Shirt
You Know You Want to Grab, Any Orb You Can Find.
Ruffian Hat
Complete 'Hope Springs Savior'
Green Agent Helmet (DLC Needed!)
(Toy Box Add-on Only) Thank you for buying!
Green Agent Suit (DLC Needed!)
(Toy Box Add-on Only) Kill 50 enemies with your thrusters in a single airborne flight.
PVP Agent Helmet (DLC Needed!)
(Deluge Add-on Only) Thank you for buying!
PVP Agent Suit (DLC Needed!)
(Deluge Add-on Only) Survive the Deluge for 15 minutes in every arena.